• Sustainability Educator
  • Bee Keeper
  • Veggie Grower
  • Waste Reducer
  • Workshop Facilitator

About Creative Soul Kelly King


As the Founder of Soul Tree Creative, Kelly King’s heartfelt passion is in the protection of our natural world. She is dedicated to encouraging sustainable living by raising awareness of environmental issues and teaching the skillsets required to develop more eco-friendly food and waste habits.

Kelly has many years of experience as an environmental educator. She established the Stephanie Alexander Garden program at a school on the NSW Central Coast where she delivered practical kitchen and garden lessons every week to over 200 students. She also implemented the Love Food Hate Waste program to reduce food waste by changing children’s attitudes and improving their knowledge in cooking and gardening. She has co-ordinated school waste audits and introduced growing seasonal fruit and vegetables, worm farming, caring for chooks, paper recycling programs and positive food habits into schools. Encouraging, these programs led to a direct transfer of sustainable living skills into the homes of students.

Outside her school environment, Kelly also assists adults to develop sustainable living practices and enjoy a pleasurable food education journey through her series of hands-on workshops. She teaches like-minded people to create beeswax wraps as an alternative to single use plastic and runs practical cooking demonstrations to show how to save time, money and food waste by creating delicious meals from leftovers. She also trains early childcare educators in how to deliver sustainable garden and kitchen programs in their centres.

Through her programs, events and workshops, Kelly’s goal is to nurture the necessary skills, knowledge, values and attitudes in local communities to look after our planet for generations to come. Please contact Kelly if you are interested in learning more about how you can contribute individually and collectively to a more sustainable lifestyle.


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I believe

“I believe there is a strong desire amongst Australians to play our part in protecting our planet and yet the enormity of our environmental issues can feel overwhelming.
I aim to show you where to start by teaching practical skills, knowledge and attitudes that we can all use to contribute, individually and collectively, to a better world.”

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world
Howard Zinn